Seagrass baskets are becoming more and more attractive to any home decor retailer’s product line. It’s only natural, since a lot of people are starting to be more serious about interior decoration, and want to have something both appealing and eco-friendly for home accessories. This article will provide some insight into what you should be knowledgeable of when sourcing wholesale wicker seagrass items from Vietnam. Let’s get into it!

Seagrass – A weaving material 

Seagrass/sedge is an aquatic plant that grows in South-East Asian coastal regions. We mostly use grown seagrass from formerly sea-flooded agricultural regions to make woven baskets – No cultivation or nurturing required.

Appearance of seagrass

pattern of seagrass taken from Greenvibe's factories

Once harvested and dried, seagrass has a light brown shade. Smooth, silky, and extremely soft. Seagrass is the most popular material for manufacturing baskets because of its excellent flexibility and durability.

Seagrass, like any other dried plant fiber, absorbs water very well. As a result, the baskets must normally be kept in a cold, dry environment. Seagrass baskets must have a moisture level of between 18% and 22% in order to be exported.

Weaving and coloring styles

Wholesale seagrass baskets can be painted or dyed in various styles to add a unique touch. Seagrass is more suited to dark hues, though they may fade over time. Seagrass can also be painted with a variety of colors, however, the paint tends to deteriorate quite easily under humid environments.

seagrass weaving for wholesale wicker supply

Vietnamese artisans have a variety of weaving techniques in the manufacturing process.

Here are 7 typical seagrass weaving patterns used to make baskets and other household items, check them out! 

Seagrass – Cost of material

As mentioned, seagrass is quite easy and natural to grow, so they cost less to produce than other materials in Northern and Central Vietnam (water hyacinth or rattan). A great amount of raw seagrass can be produced in these regions. If you have a need for wholesale wicker baskets, seagrass is definitely the way to go!

When it comes to baskets, different weaving styles come with different prices, generally, the more complex the higher costs are. Coiled seagrass and wrapped seagrass often have the highest prices, whereas split seagrass is the least expensive.

Wholesale seagrass baskets – How durable are they?

Are wholesale seagrass baskets safe? 

Sort of a filler question. Yes, seagrass baskets are no doubt safe for both the environment and your customers. Seagrass grows quickly and is biodegradable. Additionally, hardly any chemicals are used in the production process. Some types of baskets need to be glued in order to be well-shaped and mold-free, and this glue is completely safe for people.

wicker seagrass items are safe for skin

Are wholesale seagrass baskets waterproof & resistant to harsh weather?

No. Indoor usage only. Seagrass baskets will lose their shape and grow mold if they are exposed to too much moisture. In the event seagrass items become wet, let them dry fully in the sun or use drying equipment before storing them in dry warehouses or with dehumidifiers.

How sturdy/durable are wholesale seagrass baskets?

For something from natural braided plant fibers, they are quite sturdy and durable (except when in contact with water of course). A typical seagrass storage basket can hold up to 25 to 30 kg. They are also very attractive with natural golden brown colors.

Are wholesale seagrass baskets easily deformed?

It sort of depends on weaving patterns and supporting structure. Some patterns, including twisted, split, pressed, and braided seagrass, should have iron frames to maintain their shape. Others (such as coiled or wrapped seagrass) create strong, well-shaped baskets without using iron frames.

Things to know before buying seagrass baskets in bulk

Find a trusted seagrass basket manufacturer

Seagrass grows best in Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Vietnamese raw seagrass is exported to Asian neighbors in addition to being used domestically. As a result, these regions have the most suitable wicker suppliers.

If you want high-quality seagrass, we advise working with wholesalers that source items from Nga Son (Thanh Hoa, Vietnam). The seagrass from Nga Son is said to be of the highest quality, with seagrass stems carefully processed, excellent flexibility, and lovely natural brown coloring.

sun drying wicker seagrass baskets

Confirmed that they are well-established. For online research, look through their websites, their Alibaba pages, or rely on supplier directory websites (Yellowpages) or trade data websites (Panjiva, Import Genius).

Read some advice on how to locate reputable wholesale home décor providers!

Plan your orders from harvesting seasons

Severe rain during flood seasons might have an impact on seagrass. In Central Vietnam, floods occur from October to December, resulting in rotting or poor-quality seagrass that cannot be used for manufacturing. That can cause a seagrass shortage throughout these months.

Additionally, it’s important to decide when to buy seagrass baskets in bulk from Vietnam. By placing your purchase at the proper time, you may benefit from lower prices for your wicker seagrass items, quicker manufacturing, and more convenient delivery.

Samples & Lead time for wholesale seagrass baskets

In Vietnam, artisan weavers – villagers make a large portion of seagrass baskets (as opposed to suppliers themselves), which are subsequently gathered and completed by wholesalers. It takes suppliers a few days to calculate and notify you (buyers) of the precise prices since the procedure has to go through quite a number of steps.

The manufacturing time (lead time) for seagrass basket samples varies on the forms, sizes, patterns, and weaving techniques used. Production takes longer the more additional patterns and accessories there are. Among various types of seagrass weaving:

The lead time for creating coiled seagrass is generally the longest while making pressed seagrass is the shortest.

To sum up

Wholesale wicker seagrass baskets can be made from different natural materials, with different processing steps and methods. Seagrass is quite easy to process and weave. Their production time is shorter, and therefore lower in cost compared to other materials


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