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Lamp Shades

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No one likes to look at a bare light bulb, which emits a lot of heat and is unsightly. We offer a natural and attractive option for you. Those are handwoven lamp shades.

These items are suitable for those who want to give their home a rustic, natural look. Our lamp shades are made entirely of natural fibers, like seagrass, water hyacinth and cornhusk. These materials will make them more durable and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, our artisans meticulously perfect and care for the products before sending them to consumers, ensuring that they are always excelent.
Our wholesale seagrass lamp shades are a beautiful addition to your home’s lighting. It will add a comfortable and classic sense to the house by spreading light to every corner. It also serves as a layer of protection for the light against external agents.
Greenvibe Ltd is proud to be a manufacturer and exporter of handcrafted Vietnamese products. We believe in Trust, Transparency and Quality while doing business.
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