If you want to grow your business by offering customers an interior design item that’s not only lovely but also practical and long-lasting. Wholesale natural rugs made by seagrass or water hyacinth are exactly what you need! Let’s begin to understand more about the market for wholesale natural rugs. 

Why natural rugs?

More affordable

While textile rugs made from wool are so pricey, you’ll be relieved to find that natural carpets and natural seagrass rugs are among the least expensive options available. There is no need to compromise on quality or size while looking for natural fiber carpets. Unlike other types of carpets, even the largest sizes are available and reasonably priced & well-made.

Durable & eco-friendly

Wicker rugs, being made from natural fibers, are exceptionally durable, and some items are even stain-resistant. They’ll be able to easily last long under people’s footsteps.

Great aesthetics

They are one the most popular items for home decoration due to their beautiful brown color. Made from completely natural materials such as seagrass and water hyacinth, without any artificial material (except for some dye or paint in some models). They have an attractive earthy rustic tone that completely fits many interior design styles.

Materials for natural wicker rugs

Carpets & rugs from Vietnamese wholesalers are woven with natural materials like seagrass, and water hyacinth, … which do not harm the environment and promote sustainability by using byproducts such as corn husks. These fibers will undergo a protracted process of harvesting, drying, sorting, and splitting before being woven into rugs.

Seagrass rugs

Seagrass is a very environmentally friendly material, frequently used to make wholesale rugs. Seagrass naturally grows in Southeast Asia’s salty coastal regions, and in Vietnam, the central provinces with the highest concentrations of this plant are Thanh Hoa and Thai Binh. The Nga Son district in particular is renowned for the largest and greatest quality seagrass production.

Additionally, seagrass has a beautiful natural color, and because its color tone can be altered and varied depending on when it is exposed to sunlight, craftsmen frequently use this benefit to create undyed products.

Water Hyacinth rugs

They are the most widely used materials for home handicraft items because of their toughness and lovely brown color. In rural areas of Vietnam, the water hyacinth is quite a popular plant, being used fresh to feed livestock, or processed to make durable and beautiful wicker items. 

There are several uses to using every part of this plant, including the green leaves for some delectable salad recipes, the roots for organic fertilizer and mushroom cultivation, and the dried fibers for handwoven items like baskets or area rugs made of water hyacinth.

Palm Leaves

Palm trees can be grown in many places, and they serve many different purposes in daily life. One special thing is that this natural material can bring a lovely natural white hue to the rugs.

Without using any mechanical or chemical processes, the product is made exclusively from palm leaves, manually handwoven by artisans.

Corn Husks

After drying, the residual corn leaf – as known as husk, can be reused to create handmade goods with a distinctive milky hue. Due to its strength, longevity, and lovely color, it is the perfect material to weave rugs, poufs, and baskets. 

We usually joke about how the material itself used to be a by-product: Farmers harvest corn, and strip them of its husks, which used to be thrown away but are now collected and processed for weaving.

Cornhusk Seagrass Water Hyacinth Round Area Rug

Types of wicker rugs

Wicker Round Rug

Round rugs are quite well-liked on the market because of their multifunction. It is a wonderful idea to put these natural round seagrass rugs in the living room or other large rooms in order to draw some attention to any dull space. Round seagrass rugs can be put on the wall as a striking and original decoration in addition to being used as a carpet. These carpets will not only blend in beautifully with other parts of your house, but the fiber’s natural aroma will also help your area feel a bit more calming.

Wicker Area Rug

In terms of style, an area rug can make or break your space. In fact, many interior design enthusiasts suggest basing on your choice of wall colors, upholstered furniture, and other home accents to choose your area rug.

These wicker area rugs will bring customers a rustic vibe in their living space, so put one under your beds, on couches, or in your kids’ rooms as a play area.

Hand Woven Seagrass Rug

Wicker Doormat

Any home space can benefit from a doormat’s formal and classy appearance. Many people place a natural wicker doormat at the front of the house so that the entry can highlight a green lifestyle by reflecting the aesthetic of the natural interior design.

You may add environmental protection and adorn your home in a minimalist or Scandinavian style with the help of Viet Trang’s doormat goods, which feature the natural brown hue of water hyacinth and seagrass.

Wicker Runner Rug

If you’d like some sense of space in your home, these wicker runner rugs are exactly what you need! When placed throughout the corridor and hallway, it can add a rustic touch and make a comfortable place to land your feet. Because natural fibers are so strong, natural rug runners can tolerate lots of people’s walking or jogging. 

Rug colors and weaving patterns

By using different dyeing processes, artisans are able to make many variations of unique and vibrant rugs with different patterns as you can see. They also often combine different materials like seagrass and cornhusk to create visually pleasing rugs.

Before any pattern, let’s talk about plain rugs: Although they appear to be simple, plain wicker rugs are always a great option for customers. The hues of the natural rug bring a neutral background that goes with any interior design theme.

Even with just a plain and basic pattern, there are still a variety of designs and options to satisfy your customers.

There are many different patterns available for wicker rugs though. A striped rug, for instance, is a popular one. Because it is simple to diversify into a wide range of design styles, this pattern is the most common in hand-made wicker rugs. They will give your consumers’ homes a more natural feel and are suitable for every space.

Seagrass round rug Wholesale Supplier from Vietnam Eco-friendly Natural Home Decor Wicker carpet Wholesale Seagrass handwoven mat made in Vietnam

To sum up

Wicker natural rugs and carpets have always been one of the customers’ favorites for interior decor. They can be made from different natural materials, with different processing steps and methods. Most notable among them are seagrass and water hyacinth, which are easy to process and weave. They are also available and multiple patterns and shapes – round, rectangle, …

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