How is your inquiry processed?

Step 1: Inquiry confirmation (Estimated time: < 24 hours)

Within 24 hours from the arrival of your inquiry (with the exception of weekends & Vietnamese holidays), our team will confirm your inquiry and transfer your information to one of our consultants.

Step 2: Project analysis (Estimated time: 1-3 days)

Our consultants will proactively contact you to investigate your project goals, requirements & challenges. An online meeting might be required for us to discover all the project information.

Step 3: Proposal (Estimated time: 2-4 days)

After we collect sufficient information, we will dive deeper into the solutions. We will select the most effective solutions within your budget and update you with detailed proposals (with quotation included).

Step 4: Sampling (Estimated time: 10-20 days)

Once the proposal is approved, we will start making samples to see how actual products look like. The samples will be tested and adjusted until they satisfy your requirements. We can send you photos or if you request, we will send the sample to your office.

Step 5: Order confirmation (Estimated time: 1-3 days)

After the receipt & approval of samples, we will need you to confirm the order and pay the deposit before proceeding to mass production.

Order management process

Step 1: Mass production (Estimated time: 30 – 70 days)

After the order is confirmed, we will proceed to mass production. Our quality control team checks carefully in every stage to ensure product quality & timely delivery. Our consultants will keep you updated with all information & important milestones. The production time (also known as lead time) is normally from 30 to 70 days. The specific lead time will be calculated more accurately by our consultant after you send us an inquiry as it depends on the quantity, product specifications, materials, etc.

Step 2: Final testing (Estimated time: 1-3 days)

After the mass production is finished, our Quality Control team will test each item we produce in terms of specification, functions, whether or not they resemble approved samples, and other criteria (upon your request). The delivery will be confirmed once we finish the testing and ensure that finished products can satisfy your highest requirements.

Step 3: Packaging & Delivery (Estimated time: 6-8 days)

Once the delivery is confirmed, we will handle packing & delivery. Normally, the products will be packaged in cartons and shipped by ocean.

Step 4: Reviews & feedbacks (Estimated time: 1 day)

After you receive the finished products & the project is completed, our consultant will review the project results with you to see if the solutions are efficiently implemented. Your feedback will help us do better in the future.