Handcrafted wall decorations are becoming favorites of many Amazon customers for home decor in recent years, which in turn, is popular among Amazon sellers and wholesale suppliers as well.  What are the reasons for these items’ high demands? Let’s find out some information about these Handcrafted Wall Decorations with Greenvibe.

Handmade wall hangings are essential decorative items for home interiors. They are meticulously handcrafted by artisans from seagrass and water hyacinth. As these are natural and renewable resources, these wall decorations are thick, long-lasting, and can be used for a long time. There are numerous types, designs, and styles of wall decoration. This will provide home owners with more options for decorating their living space, and make plain, empty walls more lively and artistic.

Mirrors, fans, plates, and a few other hangings are currently the most popular types of wall hangings.

Wall mirror – Light up your living style

A mirror is present in every home and can be placed in various spots in the house. Many of them often go with a handwoven frame to cover edges, however – along with many options for decoration. These handcrafted mirror frames are made from natural materials such as seagrass and water hyacinth. Thanks to that, the number of people buying handicraft seagrass or water hyacinth mirrors is at an all-time high.

A handmade mirror will brighten up your room, and add a unique natural look to your living space. This is also a simple method of creasing the amount of light entering the room, making your living space brighten up even with a single light bulb.

If you live in a small apartment or house, using a mirror will make your living space appear larger. You can easily double the space by utilizing the mirror’s reflection. Furthermore, placing a mirror in the hallway will make it much deeper and wider.

In traditional Asian cultures, the mirror is believed to be a tool for balancing home atmospheres and rejuvenating spiritual energies. With a layer of decoration from natural materials – seagrass and water hyacinth, these handicraft mirrors are much much more visually appealing while also making the space more peaceful.

The decoration layers integrate many artistic elements into the design to make the mirror unique. It’s no wonder that mirrors like this are given fancy names like “Seagrass Sun Mirror”, or “Boho Mirror”. In addition to improving the aesthetics of the home, they can conceal unsightly flaws on your wall such as cracks, damaged paint, and so on.

These mirrors are suitable for all home decoration styles, from classic, and vintage to Nordic, and modernistic.

Greenvibe recommends placing the handcrafted mirror in the room’s “central points,” which attract the most light. It should be near the window, opposite stairs, and near the door.

Side note: Avoid having your mirror installed opposite of the bed – It is believed in many places that the mirror opposite the bed is bad luck. Religious or not, who would want to wake up and see their sluggish self in the mirror anyways?

Wall fan – “Cool off” with style

These handicraft wall fans are another type of wall decoration that has consistently good sales numbers on Amazon. They are smaller than mirrors and have a much wider range of models and designs.

There are two kinds of wall fans. The first is natural plain fans. They’re primarily made of seagrass, and give off a vibrant color tone. When hung on walls, these fans will add a rustic, classic vintage vibe to the living space.

Contrary to the elegance in simplicity, decorative fans with added colors and patterns will bring uniqueness and diversity to your home space. They are also made mainly of seagrass, but with a variety of knitting patterns, there are many different designs to suit many different types of spaces.

Handwoven fans with alternating black and white knits look great in Nordic, minimalistic design. Fans with colorful, textured knitting patterns, on the other hand, are best suited to boho, modern, colorful styles for your interiors.

One interesting detail: They also serve great as portable hand fans, assisting you in cooling off on hot days, if your power goes out.

Greenvibe recommends pairing this product with other decorative items such as wall hanging baskets, pictures, wall art, and so on. It can be hung on the wall near the TV, the wall behind the sofa, or in the hallway.

Wall hanging basket – Spice up your walls

Handicraft Wall Hanging Basket has consistently been one of the most popular handicraft items on e-commerce platforms, especially in this case, Amazon. These plates & baskets are available in a variety of designs, colors, and knitting patterns. They can often be purchased in a set for convenience in mix-and-matching.

This type of product is made primarily of renewable material, such as seagrass and water hyacinth – known for their supreme durability, and is woven with colorful threads to increase the product’s aesthetic value.

These handcrafted hanging baskets will add to the beauty of your living space. It brightens and fills the empty wall space, and can be used to conceal house flaws such as cracks, stains, damaged paint, and so on. When not in use, these wall-mounted baskets can be used to store fruit, snacks, and other small items, as well as to make your dining table look more special.

Handicraft Wall Hanging Baskets are available in a variety of styles, and their aesthetics will complement any interior decor: Minimal, classic, vintage, modern, Nordic, and boho styles

Greenvibe recommends placing this product near a window, near wall mirrors, TVs, or the sofa.

Wall art – Bring style to your home space

Another collection of popular Amazon items is often simply called Handicraft Wall Art. They are available in a variety of styles, colors, and shapes. These products are often made in a circular or crescent shape, with a hook attached to hang on walls. These wall art items are made of seagrass and water hyacinth, which are combined with unique knitting patterns to create a product with distinct aesthetics.

We recommend pairing them with wooden furniture, or other handcrafted decorations such as wall baskets, handwoven trays, and bins to create the ever-so-popular minimalist/rustic home decoration aesthetics.

Greenvibe suggests placing them in the living room, near the TV, opposite the door, or directly above the sofa. They can also be hung in the bedroom, either opposite the bed or directly next to the window. It’s also a good idea to put it opposite the hallway stairs.

In general, Handcrafted Wall Decorations are a popular decorative accessory that everyone can use in any type of interior. Greenvibe offers a wide range of wall hanging product designs to suit every taste. Click here for a more in-depth look at our products.

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