Our company

Greenvibe team was formed by a group of youngsters who grew up in one of the oldest traditional villages of seagrass handicraft making in Vietnam. At our village, the farmers work on seagrass fields to harvest raw materials and then weave the material themselves to make semi-finished products. We pride ourselves on the exquisite craftmanship inherited through decades by our ancestors. Fortunately, we as younger generation are still able to keep our traditional weaving techniques lasting and blend it with modern and creative designs. This is the story, the soul and purpose of Greenvibe.

Greenvibe is an exporter and supplier of Homeware & Home Decor Handicrafts from Vietnam, providing customers with a wide range of natural products like baskets, hampers, rugs, wall hangings, and serving trays made from seagrass and water hyacinth.

Our products are all made from natural materials as our commitment to global sustainable development. Besides, we also ensure that most of our factories are meeting the global initiative to provide ethical workers rights to the artisans as they all hold the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and SMETA Certificates.

Our company values are based on Trust, Transparency, Quality, and Effectiveness. If you share these common values, we’re happy to welcome the opportunity to work with you to provide high-quality handicraft products to your customers.

Our artisans

Our products are handcrafted by artisans from traditional craft villages in Vietnam, which are diverse and unique in their expertise and technique. The craftsmanship has been passed from generation to generation. They’re also the farmers who grow and harvest seagrass, water hyacinth – raw materials of our handicrafts products. We make every effort to use natural and locally sourced materials in our products, support local and small businesses, and incorporate native patterns in our designs.

Our products are from women-owned businesses — meaning at least 51% of the factories that make these products are owned or run by women. Celebrating diversity and highlighting underrepresented communities in business is core to Greenvibe’s mission. Learn more about our factory.

Let's learn about how Vietnamese artisans make beautiful and stylish woven baskets, poufs, rugs from water hyacinth - a local plant.

How we support artisans and farmers…

We help increase income to local farmers and artisans. Most of Greenvibe’s products are woven by women with children (average age of 49) as full-time or seasonal weavers. We aim to enable those women to enjoy social and economic empowerment despite their physical and family restrictions. We also provide a sustainable source of income for seagrass, water hyacinth farmers.

Greenvibe’s mission is to help Vietnamese artisans afford opportunities for dignified and respectable work, to provide for their families and flourish in their communities. Besides empowering local artisans, we aim to preserve the value of Vietnamese traditional craftsmanship and promote high-quality and sustainable handicraft products made in Vietnam.

…Protect the environment…

We are committed to promoting a more sustainable lifestyle through a wide distribution of beautiful eco-friendly products among worldwide consumers. Our eco-friendly handicraft products contribute to protecting natural raw materials, land use efficiency and reducing resource waste.

Though our product categories expand with demands, we will only supply products made from natural materials – bamboo, water hyacinth, rattan, seagrass, jute, etc.

Vietnamese handicrafts manufacturer

…Preserve craftmanship

Vocational pieces of training are regularly operated to teach newcomers, especially the youth to keep our traditional craft lasting and developing. The more work we have, the sharper our craftmanship will become. Therefore, as a client, you are contributing to the preservation of our cultural tradition.

10% for the community

As a brand built on community, we love to give back. We donate 10% of our annual profit towards sustainability initiatives and organizations that give back to the community.