Kim Son is one of Greenvibe’s partners. Kim Son is a Vietnam seagrass handicraft village well-known for its long tradition of growing seagrass and producing unique handicrafts. To better understand this craft village, Greenvibe will reveal to you some information about Kim Son – Ninh Binh.

1. The ideal geographical location for growing and harvesting seagrass

Kim Son Handicraft Village is located more than 100 kilometers southeast of Hanoi on a pristine coastal plain in Ninh Binh. Kim Son is a Vietnam seagrass handicraft village long before.

(Source: Ninh Bình News)

Kim Son is located in northern Vietnam, under the influence of the tropical monsoon climate. The seagrass growing area here thrives, stretching green over a large area and filled with alluvium from the Red River.

2. Seagrass production process

2.1. A traditional profession, passed down from generation to generation

In this ancient craft village, the craft of knitting seagrass by hand has been passed down through generations. Artists must be quick, flexible, and soft; their eyes must be sharp, their hands must be precise, and they must know each stroke so that they do not make mistakes. 

2.2. Long-standing professional product manufacturing techniques by skilled artisans

Kim Son’s planting and production techniques are also quite unique in order to obtain a fine art product made of seagrass that meets export standards. From the moment seagrass is planted, harvested, selected, split, dried, and dyed… to the final stage of knitting, weaving, and finishing the product, the process is intricate, meticulous, and precise. 

2.3. Products with very high quality and aesthetics

From the seagrass that grows naturally, through many stages, locals can create beautiful products, such as storage baskets, wall decors, rugs, and baby products. etc. Those products are being sold by Greenvibe on its website and always receive a large number of orders.

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3. Long-term cooperation and development together

Greenvibe provides the majority of the seagrass products manufactured by Kim Son Craft Village. Our cooperative units bring together the best, most skilled artisans to produce, ensuring to meet the large number of orders that we receive through our partners. Our artisans work under certified conditions and are compensated adequately to cover their living expenses. 

4. Significant improvement in technology and desire to maintain traditional handicraft

Thanks to the development of handmade seagrass weaving, it has become a major earner for Kim Son’s artisans, making their lives a lot easier. thanks to continuous improvement and the assistance of machines, They no longer have to work hard in the fields, they work mostly in clean and well-paid factories.

Despite difficulties in developing seagrass areas and manufacturing, local governments are attempting to preserve this traditional profession in order to limit its extinction. However, the skilled workers here continue to believe in the expanding traditional craft. Kim Son seagrass, in particular, has helped to preserve and bring traditional Vietnamese values to the global market.

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