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We pride ourselves to provide decent working conditions, health, and safety for our workers.


BSCI certified handicraft factory in Vietnam


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Our manufacturing process

We follow a strict manufacturing process to ensure product quality and and timely delivery.

Step 1: Project Analysis

In this stage, we collect all information about your project. We take time to analyze your preferences, trend board, product ideas and and discuss with you in details about product designs, specifications, special requirements, etc.

Step 2: Proposal

After understanding all project requirements, we will work on detailed proposal with customized quotation, terms and production plan.

Step 3: Sampling

Once the quotation and plan are approved, we will start with the sampling – our sample team will make samples and send you the detailed report. The samples will be tested and adjusted until they satisfy your requirements.

Step 4: Mass Production

After the samples are approved and the order is confirmed, we will work on the mass production with skillful workers & artisans. With our strict quality process, we ensure finished products are delivered on time and at highest quality.

Step 5: Inspection

During and after the mass production is finished, our Quality Control team will check each item we produce in terms of specification, functions, whether or not they resemble approved sample, and other criterias (upon your request). The delivery will be confirmed once we finish the testing and ensure that finished products can satisfy your requirements. We can have 3rd party inspection if required by the customer.

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