In recent years, Vietnam has surpassed China as the second-largest exporter of home decor products to the US and European markets. Furthermore, as a result of the trade war between the United States and China, Vietnam is regarded as a promising manufacturing destination for global businesses. Vietnam is also a potential market for handcrafted home decor suppliers to develop.

Vietnam has lower labor costs than China and other developing countries such as Thailand and the Philippines. In addition, with traditional handicrafts and an ever-increasing population, Vietnam attracts young, highly skilled laborers for high-quality home decor retailers.

If you looking for a wholesaler, this is a thorough guide for you to find a trustworthy handcrafted home decor supplier in Vietnam

B2B E-COMMERCE PLATFORMS, EC21, and Global Sources are the most recognized brands in B2B marketplaces for exporters and importers. Greenvibe is also one of the Vietnamese suppliers that have an online presence on the Alibaba platform.

Launched in 1999, Alibaba is the leading B2B marketplace for global wholesale trade. Alibaba serves millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. Their database contains information on about 1600 suppliers in the handicraft area. My opinion is, that is a good case your company is small or medium-sized.

Inside Alibaba, competition is high especially for this category, so it’s likely that you can get competitive pricing by comparing different suppliers. However, bear in mind that there are a lot of quality standards for handicraft products. You should learn about them thoroughly and know which one suits your business and your customers the most before deciding which supplier to move forward with.


The Vietnam Handicraft Exporters Association (VIETCRAFT) represents all handicraft home décor, home textile, and gift manufacturers and exporters in Vietnam. Choose “Handicrafts”, “Home Decoration”, “seagrass” or “water hyacinth” from the “Find by product sector” of the drop-down menu to discover a list of wholesale home decor suppliers specialized in specific products!


Vietnam Export Portal (VIETNAM EXPORT), an official business information channel that belongs to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, provides information about verified exporters in various categories. It allows you to look for trustworthy Vietnam-based suppliers in the home decor category. Go to “Verified Exporters” and then “Handicrafts” to find out more about these suppliers!

Another useful resource is the Vietnam Yellow Pages, a reliable directory channel for finding quality manufacturers and suppliers in Vietnam. If you’re looking for wholesale home decor manufacturers and trading companies in Vietnam, go to the website and search for “Vietnam Handicraft” to find a list of companies working in the field. Keep in mind that companies can pay to get a higher ranking on Yellow Pages, so a company with the highest rank doesn’t mean it’s the best company in the field.


Google can be of great assistance when looking for reliable wholesale handcrafted home decor suppliers in Vietnam because most companies have an online presence now.

How will we fully utilize Google? Try a few keywords below – they’ll be able to show you direct results for your requirements!

  • Vietnamese wholesale home decor suppliers
  • Wholesale home decor manufacturers in Vietnam
  • Wholesale home decor vendors in Vietnam
  • seagrass exporter in Vietnam
  • Vietnamese seagrass basket supplier
  • Handicraft company in Vietnam
  • Etc


If at all possible, we recommend attending trade shows and fairs specializing in wholesale homeware, home storage, and home decor products. These will provide you with excellent opportunities to meet numerous Vietnamese wholesale home décor vendors, inspect their items in person, and readily assess quality.

Some international exhibitions or fairs that Vietnamese handcrafted home decor suppliers usually attend are:

  • Lifestyle Vietnam
  • Mega Show Hong Kong
  • New York NOW
  • Ambiente Frankfurt
  • Vietnam EXPO


Sourcing firms in Vietnam can leverage their local network and knowledge to connect you with a competent supplier. In general, I believe that sourcing agents bring greater value in Vietnam than in China, particularly when it comes to handmade items. 

Their primary objective is to identify local manufacturers qualified to make your product. Furthermore, sourcing agencies should give you thorough information such as pricing, sample cost, manufacturing time, MOQ requirements, and so on. Depending on the services you select, some may even assist you with the purchase order and inspection.

Some sourcing companies to consider are Li & Fung, Siam Karat, Unit International, etc.

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