Seagrass products are always popular all over the world. They have appeared in a variety of designs and types with a variety of uses over time. So, what are seagrass and product manufacturing process? Let’s find out with Greenvibe now!

Wholesale Seagrass Handicraft Production process (4)

Why is seagrass preferred for home décor and homewares?

The plasticity and durability of seagrass are well known. Dried seagrass has a smooth, shiny appearance and a light brown color with a greenish tint.

Keep in mind that seagrass, like other natural fibers, is very hygroscopic (able to absorb water well). As a result, seagrass decor products must be stored in a dry, cool environment.

Three factors that distinguish the seagrass product manufacturing process

1. The sourcing of seagrass is divided into smaller stages.

Unlike machine tool manufacturing, seagrass product manufacturing does not use assembly lines. Seagrass must be sourced from specific areas, processed, and sold to wholesale manufacturers.

Wholesale Seagrass Handicraft

Seagrass and Water Hyacinth fibers – processed and ready for weaving.

2. Seagrass products are manufactured at the household level.

Because many weavers work as subcontractors, handicrafts are primarily produced at the farm household level. It also takes time for artisans to source materials before beginning production. As a result, lead times range from 35 to 70 days and can be up to a month longer if orders are placed near major holidays such as the traditional New Year, International Labor Day, and so on.

The weaving process of Seagrass and Water Hyacinth

3. Seagrass products need to be finished and inspected

Seagrass products should have a moisture content of 18-20%. Defects such as stain marks, uncut weaving, peeled paint, deformed, broken weaving, and poor weaving, among several others, must be avoided in wholesale seagrass products.

A wholesale seagrass basket with finished dyeing.

Wholesale seagrass and water hyacinth product supplier – Storage facilities

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