Attractive and durable – that’s definitely the reason why your wicker baskets are such hot items for your customers. But durable as they are – wicker baskets do require special care to maintain their original high quality and aesthetics, even in your warehouse. Let’s discover ways to properly preserve your wicker basket inventory!

Materials for woven baskets – Overall features

It’s clear that natural plant fibers when dried are extremely susceptible to moisture, especially in humid environments. When a basket’s moisture level exceeds certain thresholds, they have a high chance of contracting mold. This obviously compromises their durability and aesthetics, typically with black dots or questionable odors.

“Too dry” could be yet another issue for your baskets. Overly high temperatures or prolonged exposure to sunlight can make natural fibers brittle, break or change colors.

With that in mind, here are some preliminary rules while managing wicker item inventory:

  • Do not expose wicker baskets to water. Even if subsequently dried, their natural fibers will swell and lose color and eventually deteriorate as a result.
  • Wicker baskets shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. Natural fibers are easily made brittle, and breakable, and get their color is altered by high temperatures.
  • Avoid using harsh cleaning agents and hard brushes, they will degrade the quality of weaved baskets

Drying is also one of the most crucial steps in 

How to preserve wicker baskets in your warehouse

Your wicker stock should always be closely managed to ensure the best quality. From a supplier perspective, we’d like to provide you with some care instructions for your wholesale wicker baskets that substantially aid in ensuring product quality.

Ideal storage for wicker baskets in warehouses

Wicker baskets should be placed on shelves in a cool, dry environment. You should consider getting and using warehouse dehumidifiers and managing moisture with them.

Baskets should not be kept in possibly humid places, such as on floors, up against walls, or near air conditioners. They should not be sealed in plastic bags, as this could prevent natural drying.

Keep baskets away from heat sources like open flames and prolonged exposure to the sun.

How to properly clean wicker baskets

When wicker baskets are damp, wet

  • Avoid deforming them, as you would have a much harder time bringing them back to their original afterward
  • Let them air dry in mild sunlight
  • Only transfer them back to your warehouse when they are completely dry and smell natural again

If mold appears on baskets

  • Use a soft brush or a towel made entirely of 100% cotton to clean wicker baskets.
  • Wicker baskets should be left in the soft sunlight or dried using a hairdryer in moderate settings.

If the stain is not coming off

  • Mix water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid
  • Deep stains can then be carefully scrubbed with a soft toothbrush lightly dampened with soapy water.
  • Wicker baskets should be allowed to dry naturally in moderate sunlight before being brought back inside.

Despite the long article, maintaining wicker basket inventory is not as difficult as it sounds. However, if you follow the right procedures, it will be more simple to keep your warehouse’s natural wicker baskets in good condition. If you’re looking for woven baskets in bulk for your company, check out the many different patterns created in Vietnam right here, on our website!



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