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Pot of Gold Basket

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Paper Dot Hyacinth Hamper

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Our wholesale woven baskets & storages are our bestsellers. These items are popular all over the world.

Skillfully handwoven from natural seagrass by local artisans in Vietnam, our wholesale wicker baskets are the perfect gifts for eco-minded consumers. Except for thin coating layer, the product assembly process does not use chemicals, so it is safe for users.

To perfect a product, it has to go through many complicated stages. First, workers must harvest the best fresh seagrass plants to dry in a clean, airy environment and conditions. Then, they have to knit meticulously to create the product shape. Next, the item must be thoroughly washed and processed to fix it firmly. Finally, the stage of drying and finishing the product, cutting and trimming the excess. It is an equally important stage to have the most complete product.

Woven baskets & storages are indoor products. They have the effect of making the house neater, used to build all kinds of utensils. In addition, items help decorate, and add vintage, uniqueness and simplicity to the house. With these products, the house will be cozier, and nice-looking.

Greenvibe Ltd is proud to be a manufacturer and exporter of handcrafted Vietnamese products. We believe in Trust, Transparency and Quality while doing business.
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