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Our wholesale seagrass baby products are a brand-new way to make caring for your baby easier.

Giving birth and caring for a child is one of the most important responsibilities in a mother’s life. To make caring less stressful, our products are sure to meet the strict requirements of mothers. Baby items, are meticulously handmade by Vietnamese artisans. They have a strong, attractive, and soft feel, providing the greatest environment for babies to relax. Besides, Moses and Changing Basket are both eco-friendly and chemical-free, making them suitable for babies. By combining different natural materials such as seagrass and water hyacinth, each style has its own unique beauty and appeal.

Furthermore, you can use these products for a variety of reasons, in addition to being a baby’s resting spot. As kids grow older, they will become storage areas for items such as toys, diapers, and baby supplies. Therefore, these products can be utilized for a long time to serve the demands of the family.

Greenvibe Ltd is proud to be a manufacturer and exporter of handcrafted Vietnamese products. We believe in Trust, Transparency and Quality while doing business.

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