It’s the never-ending dilemma: You always want to buy more stuff, but can never have enough closets to store everything you own (except if you move, of course). So, how can you make room for more stuff when you already have limited space? Filling your closet with wicker storage baskets might be the simple solution. They can help increase the precious space in your closets, make room for more items, and even shorten the amount of time you spend looking for things by “strategically” placing wicker storage containers there. The following are our best tips for organizing your closets with wicker baskets.

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Put wicker storage baskets on every shelf

Just because you have shelves in your closets doesn’t mean you need to start arranging your items neatly in rows – they’ll get all messed up anyways after a few times you open the shelf. Instead, fill those shelves with small wicker baskets, and arrange similar things together inside each storage basket. Each morning, you’ll save plenty of time by simply pulling out an easy-to-slide basket instead of digging through rows of individual items.

Line the floor with wicker storage baskets

If you don’t have enough space on your shelves, “just use the floor” am I right? Seriously though, some empty floor space can also be utilized with baskets, just like shelves. Use storage bins on the rack to arrange your shoes, and put away some items you often use in wicker bins on the floor for easy access. 

For simple picking-ups and easy carrying, choose small wicker baskets with robust and flexible handles like these [….]. Or, for quick, efficient basket stacking/nesting to save space when not in use, try some of these. We provide plenty of designs at great wholesale prices for retailers!

Tuck your hamper & laundry baskets on the shelves

Got a big basket that’s taking up space or blocking the walkway in your bathroom or bedroom?

Rid them if you don’t need them! Tuck it away in your closet if you are done with laundry for the day, or when you no longer need those clothes due to a change of season.

This strategy will save you time as you’re getting dressed or undressed for the day. It will make laundry day a little bit simpler—both for gathering the stuff and for putting it back up. Organizing your closets with wicker baskets will save you place and time.

Speaking of wholesale hampers, there are quite a lot of brilliant designs coming out these days.

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Get some of these trunks

Use some of these classic-look wicker storage trunks to turn a large open part of your closet into an enclosed storage area. The details on these wicker trunks are so unique and vibrant, we wouldn’t blame you if you want to place this in an open space even if it blocks traffic. But they can offer the perfect space to store blankets, toys, or holiday decorations – compactly packed inside your already-full closet when the closet room is at a premium.

Don’t like the looks of trunks? There are some “hamper with lid” models that work and look just as well!

 Water hyacinth Hamper       


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