Nowadays it is pretty easy to turn your standard bathroom into a rustic bathroom. All you need are some rustic bathroom decorating ideas and some decoration items. Even on a tight budget, rustic and Bohemian bathroom decoration ideas can successfully transform your room into a modern yet minimalistic space. Here are some key ideas to consider when using wicker decor to effectively change your bathroom into a rustic and minimalistic bathroom!

The bathroom is a vital part of the house. It is only natural that every home builder should strive to make it as elegant as possible. Using wicker home decor items and design ideas is one of the best and most simple methods to accomplish this. Even on a tight budget, you may give your bathroom a rustic look by adding decor made of basic natural materials like seagrass or water hyacinth, made from durable plant fibers.

wicker baskets and decoration for bthroom design

Wicker Baskets for Home Design

Nothing speaks rustic design for bathrooms more than a lineup of wicker baskets on your bathroom shelves. These wicker accessories could include laundry baskets, toilet tissues, towel baskets, makeup trays, and the like. If you’re looking for ideas, Greenvibe are experts in supplying wholesale wicker home decor. Check out some wicker bathroom items for good ideas!


You should carefully arrange as many wicker items as you can in the bathroom to give it that rustic atmosphere. Obviously, you should put them in high places (but still reachable), or someplace where they wouldn’t come in contact with water. That will make your baskets last a lot longer and bring home that rustic boho aesthetics to your bathroom.

Bathroom mirrors and wall decor

Don’t underestimate the power of a good decorative mirror and wicker wall decor to change your ordinary bathroom into a rustic one without undergoing any big renovations, considering that this is a bathroom design on a budget. Large mirrors in rustic bathroom designs are practical, especially in smaller bathrooms where their reflection enlarges the room. And guess what – there is plenty of wicker decor for mirrors too! These items are made from natural hand-woven materials like seagrass and water hyacinth and can be used to cover the rough edges of mirrors. Kind of like a mirror frame, but they look much classier! Look at our wholesale catalog for a mirror right here for some reference

And how about some wall decoration to spice up your bathroom interior? They are wicker home decor items including wall fans, wall baskets, or decorative items with various colors and patterns. These wall art items are made of seagrass and water hyacinth, which are combined with unique knitting patterns to create a product with distinct aesthetics.

    Wall hanging set of 5 Seagrass and water hyacinth mirror

We recommend pairing them with wooden furniture, or other handcrafted decorations such as wall baskets, handwoven trays, and bins to create the ever-so-popular minimalist/rustic home decoration aesthetics. Check out this to get some ideas from our wholesale wall decor products

Go all wicker for lighting

When looking to update your bathroom, your lighting is another thing you could look into first. Your bathroom’s color hues are brought out by the lighting. And if you want to give your bathroom a rustic touch, you need rustic decor ideas that allow you to be imaginative with your lighting designs. 

Lampshades are the simplest and least expensive type of lighting decor that will give you the desired rustic edge. A lampshade can add texture and character to your bathroom while also providing adequate lighting. Made from natural materials, and with different colors and patterns, this large seagrass lamp shade can help create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in a corner of your bathroom.

Round Water hyacinth lamp shade   

Remember that the type of bulb you select also contributes to creating the ideal environment for you. Experiment with different color bulbs and lampshade patterns – warm white, cool white, or daylight – and consider the amount of light required. You can check out our supplier catalog for lampshades here

To sum up

You can easily decorate a classic rustic bathroom on a budget because you don’t need to give your bathroom a complete makeover to achieve this look. All you really need are some rustic bathroom design ideas mentioned above. Applying these wicker ideas for a minimalistic bathroom will undoubtedly transform it into a modern yet rustic bathroom.


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