Have you got any interior items for your customers to warm up their homes for the upcoming cold seasons? If there aren’t enough area rugs on the list, let Greenvibe Handicrafts recommend the most well-liked wholesale wicker rugs and carpets that are also our best sellers to you. 

Vietnamese rug wholesale suppliers are constantly seeking new ways to develop high-quality items that will be well-liked by customers. Let’s get started with the best rugs for your upcoming successful lineups!

For most people, rugs and carpets are a fundamental component of interior design, complementing the space and populating the plain base layer with patterns. With the rise in open-concept living, they’re the ideal method to define and distinguish a room. We often find ourselves utilizing the rug as our inspiration for a room, creating the design from the ground up.

Large wicker rugs with warm tone

Natural area rugs are ideal for adding a highlight to any flooring. We’re drawn to colors that make us feel comfortable and textiles that provide a sense of comfort when returning home after a long day of work. The year 2023 will see a movement toward a cozier, more natural, earthy design.

An artisan said, “I love working with quality, natural materials because I find that not only do they look exotic, but they will also last the test of time for your house.

Indeed, the calming effect of jute, seagrass, or water hyacinth comes from their natural color tones. Which is perfect, as we so much crave warmth in the winter. The entire family will get together and gather around. The 2022 – 2023 trend is therefore a carpet made of natural materials and warm tones.

This will be the list of quality products Greenvibe is ready to provide you:

Hand Woven Seagrass Rug

Striped Seagrass Rug

Long rectangle rugs

The long-size wholesale area rugs are able to add unique patterns to their large surface, which brings something special and more contemporary to the room, as well as making a statement about the user’s lifestyle. Let’s check over some long rug designs from Greenvibe:

Natural Material Rug

Natural Handwoven waterhyacinth area rug, Rectangle vintage carpet for living room, bedroom, Perfect door mat

Flat-weave Rugs

What is a flatweave rug? Flatweave rugs are manufactured on a loom as opposed to being knotted and hand-woven like other types of rugs. As the name implies, flat weave carpets can be extremely flat and thin thanks to this type of weaving.

Flat-woven rugs give the wholesale area a more robust appearance, a simpler yet more elegant atmosphere for the home. The carpets are straight-woven (thin and tight on the sides), which can somewhat make your room feel more spacious.

Thanks to their neutral color, our seagrass rugs can be perfectly combined with furniture of all kinds, especially wooden furniture.

Round rugs and carpets

Round wicker rugs have been in popular demand every winter, and this year will certainly not be any different. These round carpets will spice up your cozy home with their exotic patterns and colors. These patterns are made with simple yet effective dyeing processes, mixing and matching materials, and meticulous hand-weaving techniques. 

Simplicity in material also allows for an abundance of great designs – floral, spiral, stripes, stars – you name it. These color patterns are made to last and still keep their radiant shades.

They can be placed in a variety of spaces: kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms – you name it.

Patterns or not though, they have a warm and earthy color tone (from seagrass and water hyacinth) that will give your house a cozy look. Natural material and a complex hand-weaving pattern mean they will last with your house and furniture for a long time.

Here are our best natural wholesale round rugs for bedrooms:

Flower Seagrass round rug Wholesale Supplier from Vietnam Eco-friendly Natural Home Decor Wicker carpet Wholesale Seagrass handwoven mat made in Vietnam


Let these wholesale wicker rugs and carpets from Greenvibe warm your feet and heart. We constantly aim to give you the best and most eco-friendly wicker items. You can book a direct chat with us at info@greenvibeltd.com, we are proud to be able to bring our partners many benefits!

Greenvibe is also a supplier of handicraft home decor products – from natural placemats and coasters to wholesale baskets and trays. We value quality, trust, and effectiveness in our business ventures.

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