Natural light from large windows in your home will always make any space look beautiful. However, if your room lacks natural light, handicraft lampshades are the best way to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. These are some ways to light up your home.

Many new homes feature a grid of downlights on the ceiling that illuminate the floor rather than the room. Light from a large window, a table, or a floor lamp illuminates and creates an atmosphere in the space, as well as provides more flattering sideways lighting for the occupants!

Seagrass Pendant Lamp Shade

A lamp can add texture and character to your room while also providing adequate lighting. However, different spaces and situations necessitate different solutions. So, to make the light more elegant, made lampshades will help you do that.

Living/Dining room

Mostly, the living room is a space for many different activities from reading and watching TV to entertaining, board games with friends, and having downtime to scroll through social media. Ambient or accent lighting is required if you have a special place where you like to sit and read. A task lamp perched atop a low-side table, a floor lamp next to your chair, or a lamp on a console behind your couch not only provides the ideal light source but also adds a personal touch to your space.

handmade seagrass lampshade made in Vietnam

In such situations, it’s best to go with a natural material with a distinct texture for your shade so that light can shine through. Short seagrass pendants or water hyacinth handicraft lampshades for hanging lamps are very suitable for the living room space, this is even better because it will add an aesthetic touch to the room, attracting the attention of the guests.

It’s critical that the lights look good whether they’re turned on or off. An elegant lamp on a dresser or next to a sofa is both a design element and a layered light source for your space. Beautiful lampshades can also add color and personality to your home, much like a work of art.

seagrass pendant lamp shade

The dining room is an ideal place to decorate by hanging pendant lights quite low above the dining table. This serves a practical purpose by allowing you to create a room within a room in an open-plan area.


Lighting in the kitchen is essential and this is where the lights come down! Strategically placed and angled to provide light to various work areas such as the sink, hob, benchtop, and pantry. Lights must be placed properly to illuminate the entire room.

The additional ambient light in your kitchen from two or three properly placed pendant lights, on the other hand, not only softens the space but also helps to eliminate the shadows cast by the lights hitting the top. your mind! To make your kitchen more stylish, pair it with seagrass lampshades or water hyacinth with an open weave.

Discover the ultimate guide to selecting the ideal natural lampshade for light bulb to spice up your living space.

Small table lamps with handicraft lampshades can help create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in a corner of your kitchen.


Soft lighting is required in your bedroom.

You should feel calm and relaxed in this room, so avoid ‘over-lighting’ it. Lamp lighting is less harsh than overhead lighting and can help increase melatonin levels, resulting in a better night’s sleep.

Our seagrass lamp shade is the perfect way to introduce a little nature into your home. Handwoven with natural seagrass fiber.

Downlights and task lights have a place in the bedroom as well. They are a godsend when applying make-up or dressing, so consider a layered lighting plan to meet all of your needs.

Consider how much space you have on your bedside table when selecting a handicraft wicker lampshade. You don’t want to be knocking the lamp over with every movement of your arm. When selecting bedside lamps, you should also consider the height of your bedhead. Do you want the lamp’s brim to be level with your bedhead? Is it preferable to have it higher or lower?

seagrass lamp

Empire or tapered shades work well in the bedroom, in our opinion. If you like to read in bed, the wider base provides enough light, while the narrower diameter at the top makes the lamp more compact and suitable for a smaller space.

Something to note

Remember that the type of bulb you select also contributes to creating the ideal environment for you. Experiment with different color bulbs – warm white, cool white, or daylight – and consider the amount of light required. Lampshades are also essential in your interior design. You can select a long or short lampshade made of water hyacinth or seagrass based on your preferences. Everything is determined by your choices.

Beautiful, meticulous and so well made, Black Seagrass Lamp Shade gives perfect shade and reflections for interesting atmospheric design.

extra large pendant lamp shade made in Vietnam Nordic look exquisite design

Hope this information has been of some help in clarifying the things to keep in mind when choosing to light for your home. The best advice we can give is to always do what you enjoy. If you do this, no matter what you choose, it will always be correct!

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