In any home, hallways serve as the main course’s appetizers. They must be exciting enough for visitors and guests to look forward to the next door or room, but they cannot be mindlessly filled with decorations to the point of overcrowding. Hallways can display exquisite patterns while still having storage for books and vignettes without becoming clunky. You ought to have a rustic farmhouse hallway wall decoration in mind. Here are some wicker decor suggestions to make your journey for rustic hallway décor just a little bit easier.

It must leave a strong first impression when guests are welcomed through the hallway of your house. Contrary to people’s belief, hallways don’t take up much room. They are the section of the house that best expresses your design motif. Additionally, those seemingly vacant halls add the necessary touches of space and simplicity to every home.

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Adding wicker wall baskets and mirrors

Wicker wall art and mirror covers that have a rustic-farmhouse style should be at the top of your list of hallway decorating ideas. For the flat baskets, you can put them on a stand next to the walls. And if you think they would look good on the wall, you can just hang them on using the attached node on the back.

Additionally, mirrors seem like the perfect item to add to your hallway wall – they are super convenient and make the tight corridor spaces appear bigger with their reflection. And to add even more style to your hallway, part your mirror with these wicker mirror covers. 

These handcrafted mirror frames are made from natural materials such as seagrass and water hyacinth. With a layer of decoration from natural materials, these handicraft mirrors are much more visually appealing while also making the space more peaceful. 

The decoration layers integrate many artistic elements into the design to make the mirror unique – patterns like floral, spiral, stars, you name it. In addition to improving the aesthetics of the home, they can conceal unsightly flaws on your wall such as cracks, damaged paint, and so on.

Adding small plants

Another farmhouse decor idea: Selectively place some lovely plants or flowers, on the wall or floor of your entryway. You can even add some plants down the steps to give your staircase a touch of rustic appeal. These plants are relatively inexpensive, they need little taking care, and are equally stylish. Some of these plants even become more elegant when they have rustic-looking pots & planters to go with them. Making use of these seagrass planters will enable you to get your desired rustic farmhouse look that will be sure to surprise your guests with this hallway decoration.

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