Products in the handicraft industry are growing exponentially on Amazon, both in sales and exposure. With a surge of new Amazon handicraft sellers, every retailer wanting to penetrate the Amazon marketplace needs to have a good understanding of what items to set on sale. Here is our list of the top 5 best-selling handicraft products suitable for Amazon, based on our experience and from our Amazon seller partners.

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What are handicraft products anyways?

Handicraft products – as the name suggests – include various items (from baskets, storage boxes, and tabletops to wall and mirror decorations) made by hand from natural materials, like seagrass, water hyacinth, etc. Along with other utilities, most handicraft products are purchased with the primary purpose of home decoration due to their unique aesthetics and simplicity in maintenance. Moreover, to optimize shipping and fulfillment costs on Amazon, we recommend products that can be overlapped or are foldable and light in weight.

To help Amazon sellers, as well as buyers, know the trends of consumers buying handicrafts, Greenvibe will reveal the top 5 best-selling handicraft products suitable for Amazon. 

Lidded baskets

Lidded baskets have always done well in maintaining the “hot” level at the moment. They often have a striking appearance with eye-catching patterns, from simple textures, and pure colors to complex zigzag patterns. Natural and environmentally friendly seagrass fibers also help these baskets score additional points with buyers. 


This Wholesale Crossed Pattern Storage Basket made of seagrass with a lid will complement and add charm to your living space.

Wholesale Bright- colored storage baskets are handmade from artisans Vietnam. Our products are made from clean and environmentally friendly materials.

These baskets can be used for clothes in the bedroom, for toys and home accessories in the living room, and so on. The lid is also a big plus for them, helping to add aesthetic value and handiness.

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Woven Trays

Woven trays are in second place on our top 5 best-selling handicraft products suitable for Amazon. These trays are mostly rectangular and round and can have a wide variety of sizes and colors. They are made mainly from seagrass and water hyacinth – durable and natural materials. 


Additionally, the product is designed with firm straps, helping customers comfortably carry many items without fear of items breaking or falling. Depending on the user’s need, these decorative woven trays can be used as fruit baskets, pantries, or bathroom organizers.

Hyacinth Wicker Basket

A rectangular wicker tray may also be used to store towels and cosmetics in the bathroom. It is made of natural material with sturdy frame.

Apart from being a customer favorite, these trays are especially hot for Amazon for multiple reasons. Their small nature means they’re easily stackable and will save you a small fortune on shipping and fulfillment fees. You’ll also have great flexibility in packaging and arranging them in parcels to be shipped to warehouses.

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Belly baskets

The next items on the list are belly baskets. The product will give the living room a modern and fashionable look, thanks to its various distinctive patterns. Delicately hand-woven with seagrass, these baskets are exceptionally durable. They also have handles for convenience in moving and arranging.

It can be used as a planter to store potted plants, and flower pots, or to store utensils, books, and pillows. It can also be used purely for decorative purposes to spice up your home. 

Natural Seagrass Belly Basket - Arrow Turquoise & White Seagrass and Paper.

Eco-friendly Natural Seagrass Belly Basket - Tribal Orange & Natural

Another feature that makes these baskets so great for Amazon sellers is their stackability. Their durable yet flexible sides mean you can stack them up to 5-6 baskets high, optimizing space for an already large product. You can also flatten them by folding the sides inwards and then stack them to further save on space, but this is often not recommended since some items might not get back to their original shape, leaving customers to bombard you with bad reviews.

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Placemats and coasters

On Amazon, placemats and coasters are extremely popular. These plate and cup liners will increase the aesthetics of the table, and liven up your meal. Made of natural seagrass or water hyacinth, it is thick enough to protect the table and is anti-slip to keep the glasses and plates in place.

Thanks to creativity in artisanship, these placemats and coasters come in a variety of shapes, patterns, and sizes, such as leaves, circles, or spirals. 

These wholesale Seagrass Wicker Placemats suit all families, hotels, restaurants, and bars, or give them as a wonderful gift to a friend or loved one.

As with the trays we mentioned earlier, these small placemats and coasters allow for great packaging optimization, while also being in hot demand in many Amazon marketplaces.

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Foldable baskets

Foldable baskets are the last product we want to talk about the top 5 best-selling handicraft products suitable for Amazon. Made from seagrass and water hyacinth and a strong iron framework, they also have handles for added durability and flexibility. Moreover, the product also has a unique design that is foldable to save more space, so users can make the most of their storage potential. 

Foldable baskets are often used to hold books, newspapers, DVDs, etc. Moreover, these charming wicker baskets provide a rustic appeal and can be used simply to decorate your house.

Unlike their belly or lidded counterparts, these baskets can be folded to occupy a fairly flat surface, making it a great feature for both end-users and Amazon sellers!

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