Wicker placemats & coasters are gaining lots of love from consumers thanks to their eco-friendliness and durability. It’s not uncommon nowadays to see tables with handcrafted placemats, coasters lined with cups and plates in restaurants, hotels, or even households

Wicker placemats and coasters are mainly made of seagrass and water hyacinth, which are locally sourced and carefully processed. Unlike other placemats & coasters, these handicraft items only need a good wiping with a damp cloth to be as good as new.

In addition, the product is thick enough to insulate and protect your dining table. Handcrafted placemats and coasters are also non-slip, so you can comfortably dine without worrying about spilling. The product is suitable for styles from simple, classic as normal dining tables, and idyllic tea parties to lavish parties, in restaurants and hotels.

With creativity in artisanship, handicraft placemats and coasters can come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Here is our anticipation of the most popular placemat & coaster designs in the near future, based on customer observation from us and our retail partners.

Plain round placemats – Simple design, unique look

A plain handicraft placemat may just be the perfect addition to your table space. These are mostly made from seagrass and water hyacinth – natural weaving materials well-known for their durability.

Elegance in simplicity: Don’t think these placemats are any less charming without additional colors! Patterns or not, they have a warm and earthy color tone that will give your house a cozy look and liven up your meals. Natural material and a complex hand weaving pattern mean they will last your kitchenware a long time.


Patterned round placemats – More visual flavors for your meal

Colors and patterns: These placemats will spice up your dining table with their exotic patterns and various colors. These patterns are made with a simple yet effective dyeing process and meticulous hand weaving techniques.

Simplicity in material also allows for an abundance of great designs – floral, spiral, stripes, stars – you name it. These color patterns are made to last through heat & water and still keep their radiant shades.

handcrafted placemat

“Lovely leaf for a placemat – why not?”

Rectangle Placemats – Variety goes a long way

If you still need something different, these placemats also come in rectangle shapes! They are woven from natural seagrass & water hyacinth – often around wireframes to support the structure.

It’s quite hard to get your hands on a rectangle placemat with additional color patterns, as they generally don’t bode well symmetrically. However, the wonderful weaving patterns and vibrant natural colors more than make up for it. You can even use some of these placemats as serving trays – their thick fibers are more sturdy than you’d think!

Seagrass and water hyacinth coasters

Handicraft natural coasters are also extremely prevalent over other materials in recent years. They are anti-slip, easy to clean, and extremely durable, which serves well both as an insulator for your drinks and as a unique decorative piece.

A great choice of patterns and colors are available too, despite the small size of the coasters and the meticulous nature of handweaving. They are not only beautiful, but can also insulate and effectively catch condensation from cold drinks, protecting your desktop, countertops, or other surfaces from stains or damage.

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