Whatever your organization’s goals are, utilizing storage baskets in strategic locations can be critical! We’re going to show you some of our favorite ways to use wicker storage baskets to organize and declutter your home while also adding beauty. Check to see if you’re making the most of your available space

Staying organized is a common goal for many of us, but it can be difficult. Do you ever look around your home and wonder where all the chaos and clutter came from? Perhaps your main concern is finding enough space in your cramped quarters for everything. Perhaps the storage baskets will help you.

Why should you choose wholesale handcrafted wicker baskets for your home?

Handwoven baskets made of seagrass or water hyacinth provide a variety of solutions for any home or workplace. They complement your décor while providing stress-free organization, additional storage options, and the extra space you’ve been looking for.

Incorporating storage baskets allows you to group and assign a permanent home to your belongings, keeping your living spaces open, airy, and clutter-free. Furthermore, their durability ensures years of use, even with the heaviest stored loads. There are plenty of options to meet all of your organizational needs, whether you’re tucking wicker baskets behind cabinet doors or using lidded storage baskets to hide items in plain sight.

Extend bathroom space with handicraft baskets

Is there ever enough space in a bathroom to accommodate all of your needs? Wicker baskets can help create a serene space in even the smallest bathroom, from cluttered counters to disorganized drawers.

The Seagrass Rectangular Storage Basket with Cut-out Handles is perfect for storing all of your hair care products. You can easily slide your basket under the sink or display it as part of your functional décor on the counter. In any case, all of your hair needs will be housed together in style and at your fingertips.

seagrass storage tote with metal frame and cut out handles

If your bathroom supplies are lacking in storage, our Hanging Seagrass Wall Baskets are a must-have. The stunning design adds beauty while also making the most of your bathroom space. This slim wicker basket is ideal for storing extra tissue boxes and rolls of toilet paper. Place another on the counter to hold extra soap, towels, and other necessities.

seagrass tower storage unit

Arrange storage baskets in your kitchen cabinets

If you’re wondering why you’d bother with wicker baskets tucked away in a kitchen cabinet, prepare to be smitten by these ideas! You’ll be surprised how quickly they deliver orders to your kitchen.

Wouldn’t it be nice to store all of your heavy pots and pans in one large wicker basket? Consider how much time you could save searching for lids that match your containers if you could pull out a basket full of your exact requirements. Furthermore, staying organized with wicker storage baskets allows you to spend more time cooking and baking your favorite recipes.

Our Seagrass Baskets for Organizing are ideal for storing and organizing your kitchenware and accessories. Their convenient handle cut-ins make them simple to access, carry, and return to their proper location. To meet all of your kitchen organization needs, the extra-deep design and full-pole frame construction were created.

Keep bedroom tidy with under bed storage basket

Even if you have a large walk-in closet, we could all use more storage space. Consider how much space you can create in any bedroom closet by using a Seagrass Basket or Water Hyacinth Basket. The lift-off lid design and extra-large sizing options provided by these out-of-sight baskets are ideal for any bedroom.

woven water hyacinth baskets storage toes

These handicraft baskets have many uses. Greenvibe will list out a few of its useful uses:

  • Keeping out-of-season clothing and accessories, as well as extra blankets, sheets, and pillows
  • Shoes and handbags for special occasions
  • Toys, puzzles, and board games in the kid’s room, diapers, wipes, and burp cloths in the nursery
  • Photos and mementos

How to Use Wicker Baskets to Add Storage to Your Living Room

The last thing you need is a cluttered living room. This space should be open and inviting without sacrificing the items you want close at hand. There’s no need to feel cramped in your living room when you can add charm and hidden storage in plain sight with wicker baskets.

A wholesale Large Lidded Storage Basket is perfect for storing dirty laundry, toys, or anything else that you might want to disguise elegantly.

Consider investing in a Seagrass Hamper instead of tossing decorative pillows to the side or draping blankets from every inch of the couch. These lovely conversation starters can accommodate all of your entertaining or lounge-on-the-couch requirements.

Water hyacinth Hamper

To customize your storage trunk organization, Greenvibe recommends using a few open storage wicker baskets. To group small electronics, toys, and other odds and ends, choose from a variety of sizes and shapes. When not in use, all of your items will be secretly nestled in a beautiful storage trunk.

How to use shelf baskets in any space

Use a shelf basket when in doubt. Take a moment to inspect each room in your house or workplace. How many bookshelves, countertops, or blank walls do you see? We’re willing to bet you’re not looking over and organizing these key areas.

Office space optimization

Greenvibe loves using shelf baskets in our workspace to make it more inviting and functional. Furthermore, the ability to store office supplies, paperwork, and miscellaneous items allows us to stay organized and productive.

Our favorite basket is a storage cube that has been expertly handwoven and has convenient handle cut-outs. You’ll appreciate how simple it is to grab a storage basket from the shelf and keep everything tidy while you work.

Using multifunctional baskets to organize your pantry

Even our pantries require some organization. So, what better way to simplify it than with wicker baskets? Greenvibe will recommend dividing your pantry into sections and then using baskets to group similar items.

square seagrass basket

Try a Water Hyacinth Storage Basket if your pantry is overflowing with canned goods. This sturdy, long-lasting option will support the weight and keep your shelves in order.

With an infinite number of wicker storage basket options, your organization’s goals are always within reach. Leave the mismatched plastic bins and baskets at home and replace them with handcrafted storage.

Greenvibe is also a supplier of handicraft home decor products – from natural placemats and coasters to wholesale baskets and trays. We value quality, trust, and effectiveness in our business ventures.

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