Home decoration with wicker baskets such as seagrass, water hyacinth, or palm leaf is becoming more common every day. Seagrass coiled baskets are one of the most useful decoration accessories for organizing and storing all our things. They’re practical, economical and always look good with any style of decoration.

Let’s check out our favorite wicker-coiled items for this year.

Natural fiber baskets for living room decor

If there is a decor style in which seagrass baskets are the most commonly used, that is undoubtedly Mediterranean decor. Bright, warm, and cheerful, the Mediterranean houses have a strong connection with nature with the use of natural textures such as wicker, rattan, and wood in their interiors.

Thanks to their neutral color, our seagrass coiled baskets can be perfectly combined with furniture of all kinds, especially wooden furniture.

They are very useful for maintaining order and we can store all kinds of objects in them: magazines, firewood, towels, office items, sewing utensils…

Small decorative boxes

Here’s an eco-friendly seagrass decoration idea that not only adds beauty to your living space but also serves as helpful storage!

The stunning woven strands of seagrass make a lovely arrangement of beige tones that will complement any decor.

Everyone needs a place to keep little items like keys and jewelry, and using a seagrass box provides an interesting twist to the design of your typical storage. This is a storage option that adds a delightful aesthetic element to your family’s favorite relaxing and unwinding space.

Stylish coiled seagrass planters

What better way to bring the outside in your home than to have a plant?

Use a thick woven wicker basket to house a gorgeous tree. The seagrass is light, making it easier to move very large plants around as necessary. Make sure to have a plastic lining on the planters to avoid water leakage.

Hanging Baskets as Works of Art

Who says we can only use seagrass coiled baskets as storage? Traditional Vietnamese baskets make for a great gallery wall above a sofa or in an entryway. These eye-catching designs from Greenvibe Ltd make your wall stand out. There are plenty of other creative wall art designs in our wall hanging collection.

Colorful Coiled Seagrass Table Accents

Dine indoors while incorporating these attractive seagrass placemats and coasters into your dining experience.

The delicate weaving of the seagrass placemats offers a stunning and inviting ambiance for your summer lunch. Each piece is handwoven from bundles of natural seagrass accented in seagrass strands dyed brilliant red, teal, white, yellow, etc.

These fascinating circular pieces bring a lot of beauty and charm to your table without taking up too much space.

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