Some ways to decorate your small kitchen, include setting the table, using woven baskets, and investing in wall-hanging decor.

Living in a home with small kitchen layout dimensions does not preclude you from decorating. There are numerous ways to decorate a small kitchen, ranging from investing in beautiful dinnerware to considering wall-hanging décor. To get you started, consider the following small kitchen design ideas.

Setting up the dining table

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Start by setting the dining table if you’re looking for simple decorating ideas for a small kitchen. For example, a coconut bowl for cereal, ice cream, or soup can be placed on a charger plate, as can wicker handicraft placemats such as a seagrass placemat or a water hyacinth placemat. Consider wicker utensils, cloth napkins, and a tablecloth or table runner.

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Whether you are learning how to decorate a small kitchen or how to decorate a combination kitchen and dining room in one area, you will discover that your table settings can change the vibe of your space.

Add charming touch with woven baskets

Wicker seagrass or water hyacinth baskets can be used to add charm to your small kitchen design ideas. A woven basket can be used not only to display your colorful produce but also as wall-hanging decor. You can also find woven baskets in warm tones such as beige to add a splash of color to your kitchen.

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Decorate your kitchen countertops

What else can you do when you’re working with limited kitchen layout space?

Handcrafted items can be used to add a touch of warmth to your counter. A handwoven serving tray is one example. Use the tray to display your snacks and small flower arrangement when entertaining guests.

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If you want a more permanent solution, use the tray for mugs and condiments in your coffee station and tea party.

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Display your decorations

Consider decorative and functional pieces that can hang on the wall for interior decorating ideas for small kitchens that do not take up any surface space. The wicker basket mentioned earlier, for example, can add some texture to your wall decor.

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Place the welcome mat

By laying out the welcome mat, you can work with smaller kitchen layout dimensions. Consider a leaf-shaped woven seagrass doormat by your small kitchen’s back door. You’re including a decorative, functional piece that takes up no usable space. If your family uses the back door as an entrance into your home, a welcome mat is a great idea for kitchen decorating tips.

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As you can see, there are numerous ways to decorate a small kitchen, ranging from woven baskets to wall-hanging décor. If you’re looking for items to match your small kitchen design ideas, Greenvibe has a good selection.

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