Why should we look elsewhere for a place to rest our souls than our beloved home? Our living environment is said to have a close relationship with our inner soul, influencing our moods and feelings. Our feelings and thoughts cannot be pleasant and quiet if it is overburdened by clutter. Homeowners will feel more at ease in an austere environment. This article will provide some ideas and applications for intelligent multi-functional handicraft baskets that will help you create a minimal and functional living space.

After a long day of being surrounded by busyness and work messes, we may require a place to escape from the world and recharge our batteries, or simply leave all the pressures and worries behind.

Wholesale Seagrass Baskets with Handles and Lids are ideal for storing dirty clothes, toys, or anything else you'd like to hide in style.

Clean up and save space

Nowadays, more people prefer to live in apartments rather than large houses, space-saving solutions are becoming increasingly important. Here are some ideas for using natural woven baskets to make your living space feel more spacious and pleasant, whether you live in a large house with many rooms or a small apartment.

Set of 3 White Small Wicker Basket with built-in handle. Wicker Storage Basket, Hand Woven Seagrass Baskets set of 3

As simple as beautiful

We often tend to buy things that are not very necessary to live, or sundry decorations, which take up a lot of space in our living space. If it gives you half a day to turn your bedroom upside down, Greenvibe guarantees that you can see a lot of unnecessary stuff being pulled out and you’ll wonder how you bought it. This causes your room to become more cluttered and messy.


Simply set aside a few times a month to sort through the items that are most important to our lives and work right now and weed out those that we believe we won’t need in the future or items that are too old to serve your purposes. And believe us when we say that getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff is liberating.

Wholesale Round shape white coiled small seagrass planter

Using natural wicker baskets to keep items organized

To make the space feel more spacious, you are not allowed to leave a bunch of unnecessary sundries around the house. Simply keep some containers, such as boxes or baskets, to help you move items and keep the room much tidier. Handicraft boxes and baskets can be used in a variety of ways.

woven water hyacinth baskets storage toes

If you’re concerned with aesthetics, you can put objects of the same color, texture, or style in the same box. Another more practical method is to group items with a similar function or purpose together, making them easier to find when needed.

wholesale baskets with handles natural eco-friendly water hyacinth woven baskets set of 3

Choose containers that reflect your personal style, as this will add individuality and style to your home. And with a variety of shapes and sizes, our handicraft storage baskets are the ideal choice for all your styles and needs.

A neat house, an uncluttered mind

It’s not just about having a neater, cleaner living space; it’s about creating a space that makes you feel calm, comfortable, and safe. You need to pay attention to the colors and scents around us, which can lift your spirits or make us feel suffocated in your own house, in addition to being neat with seagrass baskets or water hyacinth baskets.

cylinder seagrass blue basket with hanldes

Stick to neutrality

After a long day of staring at an electronic screen, a book, or a stack of documents, keeping things neutral will help relieve stress and give our eyes a break. The brown and beige color scheme is the most popular because it evokes feelings of warmth, coziness, comfort, safety, and dependability. Furthermore, this warm tone can be used to cover or embellish most corners of your home. It helps to make the space more intimate and friendly, particularly the kitchen and living room, where our family frequently gathers and shares life stories.

Rectangular Seagrass Baskets - Set Of 2

Greenvibe recommends wicker seagrass baskets or water hyacinth baskets to add a touch of brown or light beige to your home to make it more harmonious and sophisticated.

Let the scent speak for you

A fragrant, natural scent will make us feel more at ease, and pleasant, and relieve fatigue. It will assist us in escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life.

open weave wicker seagrass baskets with handles decorative baskets

If you simply enjoy all-natural scents, you can decorate your home with natural materials such as seagrass, water hyacinth, or palm leaves as their natural woven baskets. I. Aside from beautifying your home, the pleasant aroma they emit will astound you and help you calm and clear your mind.

Get ready for an eco-friendly lifestyle today with natural handicraft baskets!

Eco-friendliness is no longer a fad, but rather a way of life. It improves our quality of life by providing long-term values like environmental preservation and healthy living standards. So far, taking care of our living environment has been a long-term commitment.

So, regardless of the style of home decoration you choose, you should use natural or eco-friendly, long-lasting materials to protect both your own and others’ lives.

Greenvibe is also a supplier of handicraft home decor products – from natural placemats and coasters to wholesale baskets and trays. We value quality, trust, and effectiveness in our business ventures.

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