There is so much that goes into preparing for a newborn. One of them is preparing a space where the baby will sleep. You have to design a beautiful baby’s nursery while making sure it’s convenient and safe for your baby. With a few wicker items in this article, you can still give your baby a dreamy nursery and keep them safe & healthy.

1. Baby Changing Baskets – Lovely & practical

For many people, a changing basket is a piece of furniture they visit often with a new baby to change clothes or diapers, so you want to be sure that it checks every line of your criteria list. Check out these wholesale seagrass changing baskets for example.

natural baby basket

Although looks are an important requirement, paying attention to the quality is more crucial, as you don’t want any materials which could irritate your baby’s skin. These baskets are super skin-friendly, being made from seagrass materials that are gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin. They are made from natural materials so your baby isn’t breathing harmful chemicals. 

They are very durable and flexible, being made from meticulously woven seagrass fibers. The baskets are lightweight so they can easily be moved around the house or taken outside. With firm handles on the sides for convenience, they can withstand some wear and tear being moved around. These baskets are sure to last your baby a long time. 

These baskets’ dimensions are quite optimal too – all of them are roughly 75 cm long and 35 cm wide. And with slightly raised edges, they provide a neat and comfortable space to work with your baby. With all this space you can and should put extra paddings (blankets, tissues, …) under and around your newborn while changing diapers and clothes – you wouldn’t want any “accidents” going all over the house now!

Colorful baby changing basket

Finally, it’s equally important to create a space that is relaxing and will leave you and the baby feeling calm, happy, and at ease. These baskets look so unique and gorgeous! Seagrass has a natural warm shade, which makes them perfect for the famous Nordic and Bohemian interior design styles. Each basket is also woven with unique patterns and colors, giving your new little one a beautiful, relaxing, cozy environment. When not in use, they look exactly like decoration pieces for interior design.

The Handmade Colorful Seagrass Baby Basket is super fashionable. Update your child's stuff with our baby baskets.

2. Moses baskets – Sturdy and extra comfortable

Another crucial item for your newborn is a Moses basket – a place for your baby to sleep, much like a crib but less expensive and more portable. Check out some of these wholesale Moses basket models:

seagrass baby lounger

black seagrass baby moses baskets

When it comes to choosing the right basket, safety is a priority. These baskets are tightly woven from seagrass fibers, which is safe for your children’s skin while being super pleasant to touch. With just some additional fabric linings and pads at the bottom, your baby will have a sound sleep with lovely dreams.

Another nice benefit of a Moses basket is that it’s compact and portable. They are lightweight and sturdy, and when picked up can firmly support your baby’s weight thanks to the extra thick layers at the bottom. They also have flexible handles on the side that meet in the middle – super convenient when you want to bring your baby for a walk or on a visit to relatives.

Seagrass Baby Moses Basket

Wicker baskets are definitely a better choice over baskets made from fabric or plastic, thanks to their sturdiness and lightweight. These baskets often have the perfect sizes for your baby, with firmly woven high edges which give your baby extra protection from sunlight or wind. When at home you can even attach them to a wooden stand if you like to rock your baby to sleep.

Seagrass Baby Moses Basket

And talk about the look – These baskets bring such a cozy and lovely vibe to the room. The natural warm color of seagrass combined with exotic coloring and texture make them perfectly fit the classic Bohemian home decoration style that many people follow. Be ready to take some photographs with your baby sleeping in these bassinets! 


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