Both old and new homeowners appear to be lacking in hallway decor ideas. Check out some wholesale products for the best rustic home hallway design ideas!

Home hallways are like mini art galleries. They are the starters served before the main course. They cannot be overcrowded but must provide enough excitement for passersby to anticipate the next door or room. It must make a strong first impression in homes where visitors are welcomed through the hallway.

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Contrary to popular belief, hallways are not a waste of space. They are the most expressive aspect of your design theme. Those seemingly empty hallways also add a needed touch of space and simplicity to any home. Hallways can store books and vignettes without becoming clumsy while displaying elegant designs. You should consider a farmhouse hallway wall decoration in a rustic style. Here are some rustic-style hallway decorating ideas.

1. Setting up rustic wicker baskets and trays

Rustic-style baskets and trays are at the top of your hallway decorating ideas. You can place them on a stand or against a wall. You can also hang them on the wall if you think they’ll look good on your hallway wall. A Handwoven Seagrass Round Basket or Hyacinth Boat Storage Basket would make a strong statement about your home’s status as a greenhouse.

A bulk multi-purpose Hyacinth Boat Storage Basket that can hold whatever the homeowner desires. Natural fiber braided over a rigid frame.

seagrass storage basket with handles metal frame handwoven natural fiber

2. Adding indoor plants

Another way to decorate your hallway is strategically placing beautiful plants on the walls, particularly flowers. Include some plants down the stairs to add a glamorous touch of rustic charm to your staircase. These plants are both economical and stylish, as they require no maintenance. Some of these plants will become even more elegant when they are rustic-themed. Greenvibe lets you create your own rustic style with items like the Seagrass Belly Basket or Water Hyacinth Planter. You’ll surely knock your visitors off their feet with this hallway decoration.

wholesale Seagrass Plant Pot Basket,Baskets With Handles,Seagrass Storage Basket green belly basket with handle

Set of 3 Flower Pots Water Hyacinth

3. Use storage tower and wall organizers

If you’re looking for a small but versatile hallway decoration, consider shelves or organizers. Keeping books, coats, bags, shoes, and other items in your hallway does not have to be disorganized. Wall organizers are tricks for transforming cluttered hallways into elegant corridors. Rustic farmhouse designs can add finesse to the beauty of shelves and organizers. Here are some Greenvibe storage towers and organizers: Hanging seagrass wall baskets or Seagrass basket tower units are both available.

seagrass tower storage unit

bathroom seagrass storage unit eco friendly

It is not difficult to install a rustic hallway wall decor. To begin, make sure the hallway is not crowded. If your hallway is already crowded, you may want to remove the fillers or clear it completely. Following that, you can begin re-presenting various rustic ideas on the wall of your hallway. Did you know that fans can also be used as a focal point in a hallway? Yes, they can enhance the appearance of your hallway. Check out these Greenvibe rustic-themed wall-hanging fans for your hallway wall: Colorful Seagrass Wall Hanging Fans

wicker wall decor colorful seagrass wall fan

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