When looking for the best handicraft serving tray for your needs, there are several factors to consider. Use this guide to select from the various types of serving trays.

There is more to looking for a serving tray than simply adding it to your shopping cart. Whether you’re serving your family or entertaining guests, you want to make sure you’re using the right serving tray. With so many different types of serving trays available today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed.

The good news is that finding a serving tray that works for you is not impossible. Use the guide and questions below to select the best serving tray for your needs.

1. What are your plans for your tray?

The first question you should ask yourself is, “How will I use my serving tray?” Do you intend to use your tray on a daily basis or only on special occasions? The serving tray is ideal for fresh fruit, dinner rolls, or even quick snacks. The Seagrass Round Serving Tray is a great choice for coffee, appetizers, or desserts if you’re looking for a wicker serving tray for a party.

handmade seagrass tray dinning tabletop accessories

2. Are you looking for a specific type of material?

When looking for the best serving tray, make sure you choose a material that is suitable for you. Because of the natural, sustainable materials, a serving tray made of seagrass or water hyacinth, for example, can fit your green lifestyle. In this case, the Seagrass Rectangular Serving Tray or the Water Hyacinth Wicker Serving Tray with Handles may be suitable.

decorative woven natural seagrass rectangular serving tray

3. What size tray are you looking for?

You should also consider the tray’s size to ensure that it can be easily carried and stored. Trays come in a variety of sizes, with dimensions ranging from 12″x15″ to 19″x13″ depending on the shape. The Water Hyacinth Leaf Tray is ideal for holding small snacks like candy, grapes, or nuts. Consider the Seagrass Rectangular Serving Tray if you require a larger serving tray for food.

Wholesale Leaf Tray Set of 3 adds a rustic touch to the dining table, helping to stimulate the taste buds and make the meal more formal.

4. Do you require any additional features?

When researching the various types of serving trays, consider the extra features that may be included in your tray. You may require a multi-compartment tray for outdoor events, or you may require a serving tray with handles for easy transport. Consider our Seagrass Rectangular Cutlery Tray, which has four compartments, making it easy to organize your food, fruit, and so on.

seagrass cutlery holder cutlery tray handwoven natural ecofriendly made in Vietnam

5. What do you think of the overall look?

Finally, consider the overall style you have in mind for your serving tray. You can find a serving tray in a rectangle, round, or oval shape to fit your space, as well as a beautiful rustic serving tray.

seagrass handwoven round tray

This wholesale handcrafted seagrass round tray creates a stunning decorative space, whether your style is more natural or nautical.

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